A Viña Franca selection

Mas Candí

Ramon Jané, Mercè Cuscó, and Toni Carbo

Mas Candí is a joint venture between Ramon Jané, Mercè Cuscó, and Toni Carbo, three Catalunya natives passionate about organic / chemical-free farming. Ramon and Toni first met at oenology school at Camp Joliu in Penedès back in 1988. By the time their 1994 graduation rolled around, the pair were quite good friends. In addition to sharing mentalities on farming and viticultural practices, both Ramon and Tony hailed from vine-growing families in Spain. Separately, they could achieve modest goals; together, the two could move mountains.

Ramon’s family owns approximately 30 hectares of vineyards in Font-Rubí, not too far from where Enric Soler farms his Espenyalluchs plot. Despite the area’s warm temperatures, vineyard climates here remain cool, thanks to the high altitudes at which the plots are cultivated. Additionally, Ramon’s partner Mercè owns 14 hectares of vineyards in Garraf, which would undoubtedly be a designated grand cru of Penedès if the region classified their vineyards as such. Unlike the clay soils of Font-Rubí, limestone-rich earth dominates the sites of Garraf.

In 2005, Ramon and Mercè joined forces with Toni to create Mas Candí. Prior to collaborating, each of the growers sold off their grapes to big Cava producers. Given the very low prices they were receiving, it was clear that this business model was not sustainable – nor was the aggressive agriculture or harmful vineyard practices that such brands were supporting elsewhere.

Mas Candí is a collaboration built out of passion, love for the land, and friendship. All vineyards are farmed organically and without the use of chemicals, which is still a bit of an anomaly in the Catalunya area. The resulting wines are complex, authentic, and reflective of the place from which they come, which is everything we look for here at Viña Franca selections.

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30 hectares

Founded in 2005

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