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Ramon Jané

Ramon Jané was born in Guardiola de Font-Rubí to a long lineage of winegrowers. Since his youth, Ramon’s family has cultivated about 30 hectares of vineyards in Penedès. Ramon pursued studies in viticulture, oenology, and marketing at Camp Joliu in Baix Penedès. During this time, he met Toni Carbó, with whom he shared a passion for responsible viticulture and natural vinification. In 2005, Ramon and his wife, Mercè Cuscó, built their first winery. In 2006 (and in conjunction with Toni), the first vintage of Celler Mas Candí was born.

In addition to Mas Candí, Ramon founded his eponymous estate, Ramon Jané Viticultor, in 2013. Similar to Mas Candí, Ramon Jané Viticultor focuses on organic farming and respect for nature, with no chemicals or herbicides used. Ramon first started the project using his grandparents’ old vines, all of which are dedicated to indigenous Catalan varieties. These low-yielding plants produce high-quality fruit and have very deep roots, which provide stability during harsh years.

What separates Ramon Jané Viticultor wines from Mas Candí bottlings is that the wines are bottled without any additional sulfites. While Mas Candí wines are bottled under the DOs of Penedès and Corpinnat, Ramon Jané Viticultor wines are natural wines labeled without appellation status. For Ramon, these wines embody the heart and soul of his native region, as well as his overall mentality towards viticulture and vinification.

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Founded in 2013

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