Société des Vieux Copains

Estelle Sauvage & Olivier Fichot

The ‘Société des Vieux Copains’ was founded by longtime friends Olivier and Estelle in 2015 with a vision to create adult beverages that are “best in world” quality with a “better for the world” attitude. The name translates to The Old Friends Company (it sounds better in French, right?). They started with two products: Archibald, a nonalcoholic distilled tonic, and Folle Envie, an aperitif wine infused with lemon peel and cardamom inspired by an old recipe from Estelle’s great-grandmother, Zilda.

These can be enjoyed together as a low ABV cocktail, and work equally well on their own. Archibald tonic can be used as a mixer like any other tonic, but also is incredibly delicious on its own as a non-alcoholic adult beverage. Folle Envie is also delicious plain over ice or can be mixed like other well known white wine-based aperitifs.

The distillation and blending are all done using a beautiful copper still dating back to 1830, located midway between Cognac and Bordeaux. All flavorings are made on-site in small batches from whole organic ingredients using traditional maceration and distillation methods.

The Société des Vieux Copains aims for positive social and environmental impact in everything they do, from the design of the products (which uses local and organic ingredients, as well as ecological packaging), to their relationships with their team, customers, and suppliers. Since July 2019, they have been B-Corp Certified, which is a proof of their commitment to sustainable business and transparency.

Key information


Southwest France

- hectares

Founded in 2017

Certified B-Corp, Organic Certified,


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