About us

Since 2012, Paris Wine Company has worked to select exceptional winemakers across France to help them export their wines. Our mission is to help winemakers develop their network and to match them up with excellent distributors who will help tell their story and promote the wines with the highest levels of passion and professionalism.

Our principal interest is finding exceptional producers who make wines with energy, purity, and balance. We look for wines that have some indefinable quality that makes them stand apart from the rest, that go well with food, are easy to drink, and where the first empty bottle leads easily to the second.

The vast majority of our producers work their own estate vineyards, practice organic or biodynamic farming methods, hand harvest, and use native yeast and minimal intervention during vinification and élevage.

In addition to selecting great wines, we also put forward the importance of building relationships. Our work introducing winemakers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, and consumers is just as important as building a portfolio of great wines.

Viña Franca Selections

Viña Franca is a collaboration between Mayu Miller and Joshua Adler to help connect excellent Spanish winemakers with excellent distributors. It’s connected to Paris Wine Company because it’s the same people working behind the scenes, but Viña Franca exists apart. Both Paris Wine Company and Viña Franca have the same philosophy to promote exceptional producers who are working with green practices in the vineyards and honest winemaking in the cellar. We are so excited about these wines that we list them on the Paris Wine Company site so more people can learn about them! Mayu is originally from Japan, and has been living in Spain since 2001. Joshua is originally from the United States, and has been living in France since 2009. They each have well over a decade of experience working in wine, and are passionate about great wines with a story and a sense of place. After meeting in London, they formed Viña Franca in 2019.

Where to find our wines

We distribute our wines to some of the finest retailers and restaurants around the globe – if you are a wine enthusiast but not a wine professional, email us and we’ll put you in touch with a retailer who can sell the wine to you.

the team

Josh Adler Portrait

Joshua Adler

Founder josh@pariswinecompany.com

Josh learned about wine the old-fashioned way - tasting Pinot Noir in 18th-century cellars in Burgundy’s Côte d’Or. After a stint leading bicycle tours in French wine regions, he worked as the wine director at Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco and Restaurant Spring in Paris before starting Paris Wine Company in 2012. After bravely battling pancreatic cancer for seven months, Josh passed away on 25 February 2022 in his beloved city of Paris. The Paris Wine Company team misses him greatly and is dedicated to carrying on his legacy in everything that they do. For a beautiful memory, you can listen here to Levi Dalton’s 2014 interview with Josh for his podcast, I’ll Drink to That, Episode #193.

Francesca Portrait

Francesca Hansen

Director - Sales francesca@pariswinecompany.com

Francesca first got the wine bug after a gruelling hike through Cahors somehow ended up at a winery. She initially moved to Paris to finish a B.A/M.A. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins and Sciences Po, and has lived in Paris for over 10 years. She joined Paris Wine Company in early 2014. Her ideal last meal would be white Burgundy and mac n’cheese.

Ryan Lim Portrait

Ryan Lim

Director - Suppliers ryan@pariswinecompany.com

After New York and Seoul, Ryan studied anthropology at Northwestern University, and culinary arts at Ferrandi Paris. Before joining the team, he spent a few years as a cook at Restaurant L'Arpège and Restaurant Garance. Ryan's a firm believer that a daily dose of Gamay cures all, heals all.


Catherine Haas Adler

Legal / Finance / Human Relations catherine@pariswinecompany.com

Catherine learned about good French wine following the adventures of her American husband and founder of Paris Wine Company, Joshua Adler. Although trained in architecture in Germany where she was born, she’s very proud of her French roots from the Champagne region and will never refuse a glass of bubbly.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.05.26 AM

Chris Massol

Operations Manager christopher@pariswinecompany.com

Chris spent 10 years working in international logistics in New York and Amsterdam. He returned to his hometown of Paris to follow his passion for wine, where he joined Paris Wine Company as Operations Manager. When not at the office, Chris likes to spend time with his family in the Loire Valley, where he can relax with a glass of Vouvray!

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 10.10.21 AM

Sean Cleary

Operations Assistant sean@pariswinecompany.com

Moving all the way from Sydney, Australia, Sean has been working in the Paris food and wine scene since 2013. Whether in the kitchen or behind the bar, Sean’s love for French wine started after managing an oenology class at a French cooking school. As seen in his photo, Sean will never turn down a glass of tasty Gamay. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 8.30.35 AM

Patrick Eid

Sales Relationship Assistant / Distributor Relations patrick@pariswinecompany.com

Patrick joined Paris Wine Company in 2022 after cultivating a taste for wine (and the diversity of their regional and stylistic differences) after working in bars, restaurants, and wine shops in various countries before moving to Paris with his family in 2018. On quiet evenings, he enjoys meticulously pairing wines with novels and poetry - with mixed results.


Vicki Denig

Media & Marketing vicki@pariswinecompany.com

After working for a French company in New York, Vicki transitioned into the world of wine retail and journalism, which eventually led her down a rabbit hole of wine-focused content creation, marketing, and social media management. She splits her time between New York and Paris, frequently rides bikes that go nowhere at SoulCycle/Dynamo, and firmly believes that there's nothing a good bottle of bubbles can't fix. Follow her travels at @vickidenig.

mayu portrait

Mayu Miller

Viña Franca Selections mayumiller@gmail.com

Mayu was born and bred in Tokyo. Her first encounter with wine was a drop of Burgundy (Echezeaux) when she was 5 years old. After graduating from university, she flew from Tokyo to Granada to learn Spanish, then moved to Barcelona in 2001 to study viticulture and winemaking in Penedes. After a couple of years of immersion in Xarel.lo and Garnatxa, Mayu has been traveling around Spain to discover authentic wines that make you smile.