Sancerre Rouge Les Renarderies

Cherrier Frères

Sancerre Rouge Les Renarderies

Red Wine




Pinot Noir

Sancerre Rouge is ardently loved by a few fans, and largely ignored by most wine drinkers in favor of the much more famous white. Made from Pinot Noir, this is a light-bodied, earthy red that is delicious served slightly chilled alongside a light meal.

Vineyard name

Silex, Terre Blanche, Caillotes

Soil type

Three soil types of Sancerre - Silex (Flint), Terre Blanche (Clay-Limestone), and Caillottes (Gravelly Clay-Limestone)

Vines planted in3-70 years old
Vineyard size20 hectares total
PruningShort pruning

Harvest typeMachine Harvested
Additional info
Total production average150,000 bottles total in Sancerre
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