By Francesca Hansen
on May 20, 2020
in Story Behind the Label

Story Behind The Label: Yann Bertrand ‘Cuvée du Chaos’

In 2012, Yann Bertrand returned to work alongside his parents Guy and Annick at the family domaine in Fleurie. The inspiration for the Fleurie ‘Cuvée du Chaos’ label comes from an unusual keepsake found in his grandfather’s wallet.


Yann’s maternal grandfather Raymond Achintre was a delivery driver in Beaujolais, who regularly picked up orders from around the region and brought them to the depot.

Raymond never spoke much about his working days, and after he passed away, the family found an old label (see below) from a 1967 Beaujolais Nouveau folded up and creased in his wallet. He had carried this label around with him every day for nearly 50 years, though no one had ever seen the image or heard about this wine — and it remains a mystery why he decided to keep it with him all of his life. The label is strikingly modern, so Yann decided to use it as a template for his new Old Vine cuvée as an homage to his grandfather who never had the chance to taste his wines.