Sancerre Rouge

Henri Bailly

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Red Wine




Pinot Noir

Henri Bailly's Sancerre Rouge is a beautiful, light-bodied Loire Valley Pinot Noir aged in stainless steel tanks (not in barrels). The wine is not trying to be Burgundy, and it is delicious because it stays true to the elegant, refreshing Pinot Noirs that have existed in the region for centuries.

Vineyard name

Vineyards in Bué, Chavignol, Saint Satur, Vinon, and Vogues

Soil type

"Terres Blanches" with limestone "caillottes" and flinty silex

Vine age1980s
Vineyard size2 ha Pinot Noir
AltitudeSloping hills with steep slopes up to 50%

100% destemmed, fermentation in stainless steel tanks

ElevageStainless steel tanks
Harvest typeHand Harvested
Additional info
Total production average13,000 bottles
UPC Code Bottle46139083828
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