Henri Bailly

Jean-Jacques Auchère

The Bailly family is one of the oldest names in the village of Bué, and a plenitude of Baillys have been growing grapes and making wine there for at least eight generations. Bué is particularly known for the limestone “Terres Blanches” (white soils), and is marked by its famous vineyard amphitheatre, where Henri Bailly planted his first vineyards in the 1950s.

Today, the Henri Bailly wines are vinified by his nephew, Jean-Jacques Auchère, who has since added vines from the surrounding villages of Chavignol, Saint-Satur, Vinon, and Vogues. As a result, the 10 hectares of vineyards encompass the three types of typical Sancerre soil types: clay-limestone “Terres Blanches”, limestone “Caillottes,” and flint, locally referred to as “silex.” These varying soils result in complex and balanced wines that retain the essence of Sancerre. Bailly also produces a typical Loire Valley Sancerre Rouge: a light-bodied Pinot Noir that can be enjoyed slightly chilled.

Key information

Loire Valley


10 hectares

Founded in 1950s