Deux Moulins

Frédéric Moreau

The Deux Moulins wines are produced from traditional grapes of the Loire Valley. The white cuvée is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, and the red is crafted from 100% Pinot Noir. Each year, Paris Wine Company tastes and selects the best cuvées for the Deux Moulins label.

Paris Wine Company founder Joshua Adler uses his knowledge of French wine regions and strong connections with producers to create custom bottlings for The Good Wine Project. The project focuses on discovering good wines at great prices with fun labels.

The label artwork for Deux Moulins was created by Matthieu David, a key figure in the Paris Wine Company family.

“The Deux Moulins wines are some of the most delicious values in France. They are selected to be perfect for everyday consumption and are easy to drink on their own or with a wide variety of dishes.” -Joshua Adler

Key information

Loire Valley


72 hectares

Founded in 1872

Sustainable certified since 2019 (HVE 3)