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Arthur Lelièvre

Arthur Lelièvre returned to his family’s 10-hectare property in 2014, becoming the 6th-generation winemaker at Champagne Forget-Chauvet. Their estate is predominantly situated around Montagne de Reims, and boasts substantial holdings in the premier cru of Ludes, as well as vines in Taissy and Largery.

Historically, Ludes has been synonymous with Pinot Meunier production, as the early-burgeoning Chardonnay was initially shunned in the region. The northerly exposure of his family's vineyards in Ludes allow them to benefit from a cooler microclimate, which is ideal for prolonged maturation amidst Champagne's warming trends.

Upon his arrival in 2014, Arthur embarked on a transformative journey, discontinuing herbicide usage and pivoting the winery towards sustainable viticulture. Embracing a holistic approach to preserve soil balance, he subsequently eliminated insecticides and anti-rot treatments. As the vineyards flourished under greener practices, Arthur embarked on a journey to discover his winemaking identity. While maintaining his commitment to Forget-Chauvet's legacy, which emphasizes blending with shorter elevage in stainless steel, he sought inspiration from renowned Champagne producers like Etienne Calsac and Raphaël Bérêche. Moreover, he immersed himself in tasting wines, extensively exploring Burgundy and Jura to engage with fellow winemakers for insights.

After seven years of introspection, Arthur unveiled his inaugural vintage of Arthur Lelièvre wines in 2021. Drawing inspiration from the non-interventionist Burgundian style, his interpretation seeks to amplify complexity and aromatic richness, paying homage to the terroir of Ludes. Each cuvée undergoes primary fermentation and aging in vapor-sealed oak barrels of 228 and 350 liters, utilizing indigenous yeasts. A judicious 20% new oak is introduced annually, with fermentation occurring at approximately 17 degrees Celsius for a slow, gentle process. Each vineyard plot is vinified separately before meticulous blending. Aging extends for a minimum of two years on the lees, followed by 22 months in bottle under natural cork, with disgorgement synchronized with the waning moon's phases. For his micro-production of Coteaux Rouge, a small cigar-shaped barrel from DRC was graciously loaned by Raphaël Bérêche.

Despite the challenges of the 2021 growing season, which brought a massive 80% loss of Arthur’s total harvest to spring hail, mildew, and storms, the limited production of his inaugural vintage—just 3,600 bottles—showcased potent and distinctive characteristics, a testament to his meticulously crafted aging process. Prémices, a traditional blend, comprises 29% Pinot Noir from the premier cru Ludes planted in the 1960s, 57% Pinot Meunier from Ludes planted in the 1970s, and 14% Chardonnay. Additionally, his micro-production features two single-varietal cuvées sourced from the oldest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines in Ludes, chosen specifically for their concentration. A rosé saignée from Ludes Pinot Noir was added following the abundant 2022 harvest.

Amidst ongoing changes, such as the introduction of various massale selection Pinot Noir varieties in Ludes and the implementation of agroforestry to enhance vineyard biodiversity, Arthur continues to refine his winemaking under his eponymous label. Anticipation abounds for what lies ahead.

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10 hectares

Founded in 2021