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Champagne Stéphane Regnault

StephaneRegnault-dorien grand cru

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The Dorien cuvée is the most reticent and complex of Stéphane's cuvées. The wine needs time in the bottle in order to express its full potential as an epic, rich, and structured wine. The first release of Dorien is a single vintage (2014) and was disgorged in 2020. Future bottlings will be from the perpetual solera of the Hautes-Mottes vineyard, starting in 2014.

Vineyard name


Soil type

The Hautes-Mottes terroir lies on the far side of the railway in the plain south of Le Mesnil. 'Hautes-Mottes' means 'high mound' and refers to the unusual veins of chalk that extend into the plain.

Vines planted in1950s, 1980s
Vineyard size0.95 ha

Fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks (2/3) and used barrels (1/3). Malolactic fermentation is not blocked or encouraged, though it generally takes place in barrel and not in tank. 2018 Base Vintage: 2016 with Reserve from 2015 & 2014.

Harvest typeHand Harvested
Additional info
Total production average2,500 bottles
UPC Code Bottle741718812812
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