Vin de France Cabernet Sauvignon Luluberlue


Garo Vin - Luluberlue

Red Wine


Vin de France


Cabernet Sauvignon

There’s an old proverb in the Loire Valley: “When life gives you Cabernet Sauvignon, make a cold-carbonic, light-bodied red wine.” This wine is anything but serious, and Cédric’s way of making a light-hearted vin de soif that’s somewhere between a dark rosé and a light red. It’s bottled under a crown cap to make it easy to pop open, and in a clear bottle to show off the flavor. 

Vineyard name

Les deux buissons (Saint Lambert du Lattay)

Soil type

Sandy clay

Vines planted in1977
Vineyard size0.75 ha
PruningGuyot simple

3 weeks semi-carbonic maceration in fiberglass tanks

Elevage6 months in stainless steel tanks with no racking, bottled by gravity with natural CO2
Harvest typeHand Harvested
Fining/FilteringUnfined / Unfiltered and bottled without any added SO2
Additional info
Total production average3,000 bottles
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