Vin de France Spontané Rosé

Philippe & Nicolas

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Philippe & Nicolas Vin de France Spontané Rosé

Sparkling Rose Wine


Vin de France


90% Syrah
05% Grolleau
05% Carignan

The Spontané wines are made using the méthode ancestral (aka pét-nat) method, which is the oldest way of making sparkling wines. The juice is bottled under crown cap while still fermenting, which captures the natural CO2 and freshness of the wine. Philippe and Nicolas travel the regions of the France to discover beautiful parcels of organic grapes which they use for their unique blends of fine pét-nat.


Méthode ancestrale (pét-nat) - still fermenting must is placed in bottles under crown caps to capture CO2 and create a naturally sparkling wine

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Total production average10,000 bottles
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