Philippe & Nicolas

Philippe Mesnier & Nicolas Grosbois

In 2013, longtime friends Nicolas Grosbois and Philippe Mesnier purchased 12 hectares of vines in Azay-le-Rideau, an excellent though relatively unknown terroir located a few kilometers east of Chinon, and created the Domaine des Hauts Baigneux. After a disastrous frost wiped out most of the production in 2016, they decided to start a négociant company, ingeniously named "Philippe & Nicolas," which they use to source organically-farmed grapes from across France, particularly from the south / South West.

Each year, the duo travels to the vineyards and actively participates in the farming and harvesting decisions, then finishes the winemaking in the Loire Valley at the Domaine des Hauts Baigneux. This allows them to have a reliable, long-term partnership with their growers that goes far beyond a typical négociant, and of course, the result shows in every bottle.

Key information

Loire Valley


négociant hectares

Founded in 2016

Organic certified grapes only since 2016