Armagnac 20 ans

Domaine de Séailles

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20 ans

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100% Ugni Blanc

All the Armagnac produced at Séailles comes exclusively from estate-grown Ugni Blanc grapes distilled on-site within the Armagnac Tenerèze appellation. When Jean Labarenne purchased the Domaine de Séailles, he immediately began the conversion to organic farming, but inherited a collection of Armagnac casks dating back to the 1950s. The production has been certified organic since 2002. The 20 year from Séailles is a *minimum* of 20 years old, so it doesn't bear the organic label. The blend is crafted each year by Julien Franclet following an exhaustive barrel tasting to keep a top notch consistency in this flagship bottling. Additionally, each year Julien selects the one or two barrels from each decade that are tasting at their peak for bottling and release as a vintage-specific Armagnac.