Costières de Nîmes à mon seul désir

Château de Montfrin

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Chateau de Montfrin Costières de Nîmes A mon seul désir Rouge

Red Wine


Costieres de Nimes


70% Syrah
25% Grenache
05% Mourvèdre

This richly textured Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre blend comes from the typical round stones (galets) of the region. It’s a spicy, elegant wine, and unusually, the Syrah is produced in three separate ways: one classic, one made from extremely ripe grapes, and a third from carbonic maceration. ‘A mon seul désir’ means “my one and only desire.”

Soil type

Pebbly terrain

Additional info
Total production average8,800 bottles
UPC Code Bottle46139083897