Côtes du Marmandais Histoires de Boire

Elian Da Ros

Elian Da Ros - Côtes du Marmandais - Histoires de Boire 2019 Magnum

Red Wine


Cotes du Marmandais


90% Merlot
10% Abrouiou

Histories de Boire came to creation in 2017 as a co-project of Sandrine and Elian to show that Merlot can be a versatile grape that can be vinified into glouglou easy to drink style through carbonic maceration. According to Sandrine, as the wine is so easy to drink, this cuvée is made only in magnums, "just to make sure that there'll be enough wine for 2 people."

Vineyard name


Soil type


Harvest typeHand Harvested
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