Duche d’Uzes Rouge Les Toiles


Agarrus_Toiles (1)

Red Wine


Duche d'Uzes


80% Syrah
20% Grenache

‘Les Toiles’ literally means ‘the canvases,’ but toile is a colloquial French term for painting. Each year, Serge works with a different artist to create a new label for this Syrah-based blend. The appellation Duché d’Uzès was created only in 2013, but the wines have been well reputed for centuries, dating back to 1662, when the writer Racine penned to a friend in Paris that “our nights here are more lovely than your days.” As a card-carrying member of the French communist party, Serge could care less about the royal history of Uzès, but is nonetheless consulted by his winemaking peers for advice on the future of the appellation, as he is one of the most singular and visionary winemakers in the region.

Vineyard name

Bérintin, Les Moutes, Bertagnas, & Les Rompudes

Soil type

Sandy clay and limestone

Vines planted in1954-1989
PruningDouble Cordon de Royat

Native yeast fermentation in stainless steel tanks

ElevageStainless steel tanks
Harvest typeHand Harvested
Additional info
Total production average7,000 bottles
UPC Code Bottle794020260567
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