Saint-Péray Gemini

Julien Cecillon

Julien Cecillon - Saint Peray _Gemini_

White Wine


Saint Peray


70% Marsanne
30% Roussane

Like all of the cuvée names, this one has a very personal history. 2014 was the first year that Nancy Kerschen and Julien Cecillon produced this wine, and it was also the year that they had twin girls (who were supposed to be born in mid-June). According to Nancy, “We had a deadline for ordering our labels, and we did so when I was pregnant with certainty that they'd be born under the Gemini (twin star) sign. As it turns out they were born Cancers, which didn't have a nice ring to the cuvée, so we kept the Gemini labels.”

Vineyard name

2 parcels : lieux-dit Abeylesse and Amour de Dieu

Soil type

Clay-limestone soils

Vine agePlanted in 1980s and 1990
Vineyard size0.53 ha
PruningGobelet (Marsanne) and Cordon Royat double (Marsanne and Roussane)
Altitude150 m

Fermentation in barrels with light lees stirring

Elevage11 months in barrel (10% new oak)
Harvest typeHand Harvested
Fining/FilteringMinor bentonite fining and tangentiel filtration