Julien Cecillon

Nancy Kerschen and Julien Cecillon

While the Cecillon label only recently began, Julien’s family has been documented making wine in Tournon for eleven generations. Today, Julien and his wife are dedicated to producing exceptional terroir-driven wines at their small winery, which is located near Tournon, in the historic center of the Rhône Valley.

Julien Cecillon grew up in Tournon-sur-Rhône, surrounded by the maternal branch of the family that includes iconic producers such as his cousin, Bernard Faurie, and uncle Jean-Louis Grippat. After meeting Nancy Kerschen while working at a winery in California, the two decided to return to Tournon and create their own estate. Acquiring small parcels by chance, opportunity, and perseverance, Julien and Nancy have worked together with tireless focus to craft wines that establish their own reputation amongst the best producers in the Northern Rhône. Though they are running the winery on their own, the couple certainly benefits from the guidance of Julien’s winemaking heritage. Jean-Louis Grippat, now retired, can be called on for advice, and loves to ride his bicycle past his nephew’s vines to verify that all the vineyard work is timely and proper.

Julien and Nancy farm estate parcels in the appellations of Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage, as well as two hectares of Viognier and Gamay further into the Ardèche hills near the village of Ardoix, which are classified as Vin de France. To broaden the range of wines, they also work with local growers to produce several micro-négociant cuvées. All of the wines at the domaine are produced with native yeasts and are aged primarily in used barrels to create harmonious, balanced wines that highlight the unique terroirs of the Northern Rhône.

Key information

Rhône - North


5 hectares

Founded in 2012

Organic conversion since 2019 (certified in 2022)


The wines

Saint-Joseph Rouge Babylone

Red Wine
 : Syrah
Julien Cecillon - Saint Joseph _Babylone_

The Saint-Joseph Babylone comes from old-vine parcels near the historic center of the appellation, including century-old vines from the Côte des Rivoirs parcel in Tournon. Additional vineyard sources in Vion and Ozon round out the blend. This first...

Vin de France “Cornilhac” Marsanne

White Wine
 : Marsenne
marsanne packshot

Saint-Péray Gemini

White Wine
 : 70% Marsanne, 30% Roussane
Julien Cecillon - Saint Peray _Gemini_

Like all of the cuvée names, this one has a very personal history. 2014 was the first year that Nancy Kerschen and Julien Cecillon produced this wine, and it was also the year that they had twin girls (who were supposed to be born in mid-June). Acc...

Vin de France Viognier Invictus

White Wine
 : Viognier
Julien Cecillon Vin de France Viognier 'Invictus'

Invictus comes from a 0.4 hectare parcel in Ardoix, a rugged landscape deep into the hills of the Ardèche, that Cecillon acquired in 2016, and a 0.4 hectare parcel in Tournon, which survived from mudflow, droughts, and more. These vines are invinci...

Vin de France Gamay La Savane

Red Wine
 : Gamay
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 17.21.35

La Savane comes from a 2-hectare parcel in Ardoix, a rugged landscape deep into the hills of the Ardèche, that Cecillon acquired in 2016. Vinified in the same style as their VdF Syrah, La Savane is a rich and textured Rhône-style Gamay. The first t...

Cornas Saint Pierre

Red Wine
 : Syrah
Julien Cecillon Cornas Saint Pierre 2018

This Cornas is a super-limited superstar of Cécillon's line up, a velvety, enveloping Syrah that promises to age gracefully in the cellar.

Vin de France Syrah Les Graviers

Red Wine
 : Syrah
Julien Cecillon - Syrah _Les Graviers_

Les Graviers is a négociant blend of Syrah from three vineyard sites in the Rhône Valley. The majority of fruit comes from the southern parts of the Drôme and Ardèche regions, and a smaller amount comes from vineyards around Tournon. Les Graviers m...

Crozes-Hermitage Rouge Les Marguerites

Red Wine
 : Syrah
Julien Cecillon - Crozes Hermitage _Les Marguerites_

Les Marguerites comes from an exceptional single parcel located on the backside of the Hermitage hill, just above the town of Crozes. Named Pierre Aiguille (Stone Needle), the vineyard is set in a natural amphitheater, with triple exposure to the s...