Domaine Barou

Emmanuel Barou

Emmanuel Barou's grandfather established the family farm outside Charnas, in a remote area of the Ardèche in 1928. His goal was to create a self-sustaining farm, where the family could grow all of their own produce and raise their own animals, then sell off whatever excess they had. Later, Emmanuel's father Alexis took over the farm and continued to raise dairy cows, tend peach and apricot orchards, and grow grapes. In 1971, Alexis took the risk of a total conversion to organic farming. At the time, a market for organic produce did not exist in France, so until 1983, he continued to sell his organic produce to conventional wholesalers (and at conventional prices) despite much lower yields!

In 1997, after studying viticulture and oenology in Orange and Avignon, Emmanuel took over the family domaine and oriented the exploitation towards viticulture. This specialization resulted in the planting of new plots in AOC Saint-Joseph and AOC Condrieu, and the renovation of an old barn into a new cellar. Today, the domaine consists of 7 hectares of Vin de Pays vines on the granite soils around Charnas, and 3 hectares in nearby Limony of AOCs of Saint-Joseph and Condrieu. Since 2013, the domaine has been practicing biodynamic methods.

Key information

Rhône - North


10 hectares

Founded in 1971

Organic certified since 1971, Biodynamic practices since 2013

The wines

IGP Collines Rhodaniennes Syrah Les Vernes

Red Wine
 : Syrah

From 35 - 50 year old vines around Charnas. 80% whole-cluster fermented and aged in 5-6 year old barrels for 9 - 12 months.

IGP Collines Rhodaniennes Rebel Rebel

White Wine
 : Chardonnay
Rebel Rebel

The nose is open with a mixture of fleshy yellow fruits and floral notes. The palate is well rounded and balanced with a mineral and lemony tension.

AOP Saint-Joseph Terra Nostra

Red Wine
 : 100% Syrah

Expressive nose with notes of toasted wood and cocoa. Beautiful marriage on the palate between the wine's tannins and the woody contribution. Smooth finish with notes of caramel and hints of liquorice.

Condrieu Imagine

White Wine
 : 100% Viognier

Open nose with citrus and soft woody notes. Beautiful roundness and persistence on the mid-palate and finish.

IGP Roussanne Avec le Temps

White Wine
 : 80% Roussanne, 10% Vermentino, 10% Viognier.

Beautiful gold color with silver highlights. Straight, delicate nose with a bouquet of white flowers. The wine is fluid and discreet, with good tension on the palate and a finish of yellow fruit and toasty notes. Lots of freshness.

Petit Colorado

Red Wine
 : Syrah
petit col pas

The palate is fresh, with crisp red fruit and discreet tannins. An airy wine with fresh, vegetal, notes on the nose.

Un Autre Monde

Red Wine
 : Syrah
Un Autre Monde PS

Intense dark burgundy color. Complex, opulent nose of black fruits. Full attack on the palate, structured mid-palate and a cocoa and liquorice finish.

Collines Rhodaniennes Marsanne Blanc Rendez-Vous

White Wine
 : Marsanne
Barou - Rendez Vous1

The Barou's Marsanne IGP delights and surprises even the staunchest naysayers of Northern Rhône whites. It's acid, it's grace, it's passion fruit in a glass. Simply delightful.