Vin de France Rouge Cubik

Domaine de Séailles

Séailles rouge

Red Wine


Vin de France


100% Merlot

Cubik is a soft and fruity red wine that surfaces from an ocean of white grapes. The vineyards around Domaine Seailles are famous for producing Armagnac, and are therefore planted mostly to white grapes, which go into the local spirit or still white wines. Séailles has had such success with their red wine that they can't make enough. In addition to their own fruit, they now purchase organically-farmed grapes from their neighbors to satisfy the demand while keeping the same excellent quality.

Vine ageBetween 10 and 25 years

The grapes were harvested, destermered and subsequently crushed. Various Merlots from neighbouring organic vineyards are blended with the Merlot of the vineyard. After 6 days of maceration, the wine is aged for 6 months in concrete tanks before bottling with a light filtration at the domaine.