A Viña Franca selection

Adega do Demo

Laura Rodriguez & Carlos Lorenzo

The origin of this unique name comes from Moises, Carlos’s grandfather, who grew up in quiet, rural Galicia in the 1930s. Moises had a reputation as a bit of a town troublemaker, whose jokes annoyed the entire village. One of his famous tricks was to climb up the highest hill with his brother and make a huge noise with a toy in the middle of the night. People began calling this strange sound the “demon’s snore,” and Moises earned the nickname “O Demo da Ronca,’ the snoring demon.

Adega do Demo is owned and run by Laura Rodriguez and Carlos Lorenzo, who have been looking after his family vineyards since 2005. Their aim is to produce quality wine based on the traditional viticulture and winemaking method of Ribeiro area (Ourense, Galicia).

Their vineyards are located in Alongos. Previously, the pair used to sell all of their grapes to other wineries, until they decided to make their own wines. All of the vineyards are farmed organically.

Laura and Carlos’s aim is to produce wines with a clear concept and personality. They use traditional grapes of the area, as well as traditional winemaking methods. They made the first vintage in one of their friends’ cellars in 2017, which they call “year zero.” They produced the cuvée Bitoku (Treixadura + Loureira), which is the more typical regional wine with DO Ribeiro status, and two bottlings of their experimental wines labeled Piotr K. This concept wine is inspired by the agricultural anarchy theory of Piotr Kropotkin, “free from central government and based on voluntary associations of self-governing communities and worker-run enterprises.” Each year, this wine will be different.

Carlos says, “I think that is what we need in Galicia. People have been suffering from poverty and are attached to the land. They used to be “coleteiros," who grew grapes and sold them off. Their life has always been influenced by nature, the price of grapes, and poverty.”

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4 hectares

Founded in 2005