Champagne Elise Dechannes

Elise Dechannes

Based in the Les Riceys appellation of southern Champagne, Elise Dechannes crafts small amounts of site-specific wines that authentically speak of the place from which they come. Les Riceys is best known for its Pinot Noir, which is generally vinified as rosé, though Elise produces a number of wines across the color and flavor profile spectrum, both in still and sparkling formats.

However, Elise did not always plan to become a winemaker. After graduating from Reims Business School, she pursued a career in banking, where she found much success. However, being born in Les Riceys, her original passion had long been in viticulture and vinification. In 2008, she ultimately left the world of finance to pursue her dream.

Elise is equally passionate about organic and biodynamic viticulture. She cultivates all of her vines under these principles, with utmost respect for nature and biodiversity placed at the forefront of her farming. Since her early days, Elise has kept treatments to a minimum, harvests carefully by hand, and ensures that a respectful rapport is always maintained amongst her staff.

The Pinot Noir found in Les Riceys is quite unique to that planted around the rest of France. When vinified by thoughtful vigneron(ne)s, these wines show incredibly complex bouquets and deep, juicy palates laden with dark fruit flavors and pungently floral undertones. Elise’s wines embody the true spirit of this magical area in France and are sophisticated, sought-after and profoundly sincere. Needless to say, quantities are extremely limited.

Key information


Les Riceys

4.6 hectares

Founded in 2008

Organic / Biodynamic