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Hands Off Wines

Marc Tarrida, Craig Gandolf, & Anita Díaz Rivera

There are many canned wine options out there, but we needed a partner who shared our conviction for both winegrowing and could pass the taste test; enter Hands Off Wines, the answer to our extensive search. This exciting brand highlights quality-focused, low-intervention wines sourced from the great viticultural regions of Europe, then bottling them in alternative packaging to lower carbon footprint. Hands Off Wines are primarily biodynamic wines (both still and sparkling) produced with low to no sulfur, and are available in both cans and aluminum bottles.

The Hands Off brand represents a unique collaboration of three founding partners from diverse backgrounds who share an intense passion for great wine and great art. Each partner brings their strengths and vision for making wine more accessible, more pleasurable and more eco conscientious to a wider audience. Co-founder Marc Tarrida first got the wine bug in the German town of Mainz while studying and playing viola. His classical music career would continue for decades longer, but he kept turning back to wine, seeking to sew both fields together.

While playing at the Barcelona Symphony, he imported fine German wines to Spain in his spare time. Later, he partnered with friends to plant three hectares of hybrid vines on Öland, an island located off of Sweden. Marc transitioned to working formally in wine with Jorge Ordóñez Selections, then landed in Ribera Sacra through 2018, where he became convinced of the potential of cans—which at the time were reserved mostly for bigger, industrial wineries.

As canning facilities improved, Marc felt confident enough to start a project that aligned his taste for low-sulfur wines with this alternative packaging. He founded Hands Off Wines with his associates Craig Gandolf and Anita Rivéra, the latter of whom is the illustrator of the beautiful botanical-themed cans.After attending the Culinary Institute of America in the late ‘70s, co-founder Craig Gandolf began his industry career working in restaurants, ultimately transitioning to the wine side of things in 1989 at Biba in Boston—which during his tenure, was named ‘Best New Restaurant in the United States.’ Craig then joined forces with Jorge Ordóñez to create a number of iconic brands in the Spanish wine industry that have helped change the perception of Spanish wines in the US and abroad.

Hands Off’s third co-founder, Anita Díaz Rivera, is a recognized designer in Spain. After starting her international career making covers for electronic dance music artists, she began designing wine labels and directing brand identity. She is now one of the most relevant young designers in the wine industry in Spain. Marc and Anita worked together in La Ribera Sacra with Adegas Moure and that collaboration led to the partnership in Grape Art.

Today, Hands Off Wines now draws from organic or biodynamic wineries in Germany, Italy, France, and Spain, making still and sparkling wines in both cans and aluminum bottles. In addition to fulfilling their low-carbon mission, the Hands Off team revels in the creative side of the project, and ensures that wineries are included at the conception of each cuvée. Moving forward, they will continue to eschew reliance on the bulk wine market and forge enduring partnerships with their network of winemakers.

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Founded in 2018

Organic / Biodynamic