Toit du Monde

Baptiste Nayrand

Toit du Monde

Red Wine


Vin de France



'Toit du Monde' comes from old vines planted in 1929 in the commune of Bibost, located up in the hills further away from the city of Lyon. The vines are between 500 and 700 meters in altitude, planted facing east on a vein of blue diorite similar to that found on the Côte de Brouilly. After making his first few vintages in a his garage in Millery, Baptiste decided to move his home and winery to Bibost in 2020, where there is more open space and less encroachment from the city. He continues to farm the vines around Millery, and has added additional vineyards in Bibost.

Vineyard name


Vine age1929
Vineyard size1.3 ha
Altitude500 - 700 m

All of Baptiste's reds are made with whole cluster and native yeast fermentation with no added sulfur, but the rest of the vinification changes based on Nayrand's intuitive feeling at each harvest to make the best wine possible from that year's grapes.

Harvest typeHand Harvested
Fining/FilteringUnfined, Tangential filtration only when necessary, 1 g SO2 added at bottling only when needed