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Terra Alta Les Alifares

Celler Frisach

Cellar Frisach - Les Alifares

Orange Wine


Terra Alta


Garnacha Gris

This is a skin contact orange wine made from old vines of Garnacha Gris. Franscesc writes: "Les Alifares de Celler Frisach. Vernatxa gris fermented with skins. And nothing else: that’s how the feelings sound after the first drink. We came from a very dark and deep night and all light is inadequate. We got the memory of the time marked in the skin and of the year seasons dyed in the must."

Vineyard name

Lo Mas del Surdo

Soil type

Petrified sand dunes (panal)

Vines planted in1950s
Altitude450 m

The grapes are hand-harvested and placed as whole clusters into the tank. They are then lightly foot-tread and left to ferment and age on the skins for 30 days. It’s then racked off the skins before ageing.

Elevageaged on the lees (without skins) for at least 7 months.
Fining/FilteringNo filtration, filtration or added SO2.
Additional info
Total production average3000 bottles
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