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Weingut Wolf (Dennis Wolf)

Dennis Wolf

Born into a generations-old winemaking family, Dennis Wolf left home curious about all that the viticultural world could offer. His first flash of inspiration came in 2012 at Domaine de l’Horizon, where he—a salesman for Stockinger barrels at the time—tasted and chatted daily with Thomas Teibert. It was then that his passion for winemaking and its tradition in France was awakened.

After his studies in viticulture and œnology at the University of Geisenheim, Dennis apprenticed at Weingut Keller under the mentorship of Klaus-Peter Keller, who was imbued with the teachings of the illustrious Charles Rousseau. Dennis then apprenticed in Alsace at Domaine Ostertag, where he became fascinated with biodynamic culture and winemaking.

A stint in Jura with Ludwig “Lulu” Bindernagel at Les Chais du Vieux Bourg (today known as Lulu Vigneron) followed, and established the beginning of the pair’s dear friendship and mentorship. Lulu’s singular and sensitive approach to his work —described as “high spirit, low-tech” —left a deep impression on Dennis. Ludwig ultimately went on to provide Dennis with his first barrels; it was there that he first encountered Paris Wine Company while in a meeting with Josh that he still vividly remembers. Much later, during a visit to Ludwig in early 2023, a bottle of Dennis’ wine outshone all the others and prompted us to reach out to him.

After some more time spent working abroad, notably at Domaine Didier Dagueneau in the Loire, The Sampler (wine merchant) in London, and Domaine Jean-Louis Chave in the Northern Rhône, Dennis went back to his family estate to start putting all that he learned into practice. He quickly abandoned the established practices and began encouraging biodiversity in the vineyard, where he placed the health of vine and soil above all else. Weingut Wolf acquired Demeter certification in 2021.

Dennis Wolf’s wines are a synthesis of a multitude of histories including his own, his family’s, and those of the various vineyards and wineries where he spent time—even a moment of PWCo’s. At Weingut Wolf, all grapes are harvested late, slowly pressed in an old basket press, and vinified separately by parcel. The resulting juice is fermented naturally and aged for 18 to 24 months. Emerging from various traditions, the wines are striking for being unconventional and astonishingly modern. Dennis believes that he isn’t fulfilling all of his potential yet, and that only makes the future all the more exciting.

Note: All vineyard photo credit goes to © Ben Kuhlman.

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18 hectares

Founded in 2018

Organic / Biodynamic