Coteaux de Béziers Rosé d’Aramon

Private: Domaine Emile & Rose

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Emile et Rose - Aramon Rose

Rose Wine


Coteaux de Beziers



Aramon was once the most widely planted grape in France because of its resistance to mildew and ability to produce large quantities of light bodied, low alcohol red wine. Because of this history, it's often maligned and was mostly ripped out in the 1960s. A few older vines remain, and Emile & Rose produces an excellent red aged in amphora and lovely rosé that show the delicious potential of this long-overlooked variety.

Vineyard name

Vineyards in Corneilhan and Pailhes

Soil type

Sandy clay

Vineyard size27 ha (total domaine)
Harvest typeHand Harvested
Additional info
Total production average7,000 bottles
UPC Code Bottle794020260673