“X” Vin de France

Nicolas Jacob

Nicolas Jacob - X

Red Wine


Vin de France


Blend of various red grapes

Jacob's "X" Vin de France comes from a 0.10 ha sliver of hybrid "tenturier" vines that were planted sometime before 1940. A "tenturier" is a clothes dyer, and the name comes from the dark color of the juice. Hybrids are naturally resistant to disease, but were phased out because they were considered to produce inferior quality wine. Nicolas has an alternative hypothesis whereby synthetic chemical companies promoted this rumor so that these resistant grapes would be replanted with vinifera grapes that "required" more chemical treatments.

Soil type

Trias marl

Vine ageOver 50 years old, undated
Vineyard sizeLess than 1 hectare

Direct press (no maceration)

Elevage8-9 months in fiberglass tanks