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By Joshua Adler on Dec 16, 2020

Story Behind the Label: Etienne Calsac ‘Clos des Maladries’ Champagne

The story behind the origin of Etienne Calsac's Clos des Maladries name and label.

Athletes du Vin
By Francesca Hansen on Nov 27, 2020

An Autumn Visit to the Loire

Francesca, Justine, and Quentin from the Paris Wine Company team take a trip to the Loire Valley to catch up with Athletes du Vin, Chateau Yvonne, Domaine de la Fessardiere, Garo'vin, and Courtault-Tardieux.

Harvest Report 2 Vendanges+2019-1
By Paris Wine Company on Nov 18, 2020

2020 Harvest Reports – PART II

Read on for the second instalment of 2020 harvest reports from across France.

By Paris Wine Company on Oct 30, 2020

2020 Harvest Reports

The 2020 harvest reports sont arrivés ! Read on for what our producers have to say; and please check back. We will update as they emerge from their cellars.

By Joshua Adler on Oct 14, 2020

Story Behind The Label – Domaine de la Grand’Cour

Did you ever wonder why Jean-Louis Dutraive uses two different label designs at Domaine de la Grand’Cour?

Valentin Morel Vin de France ‘Hommage à la Canaille’ (100% Resistant Hybrids) 2019
By Joshua Adler on Sep 30, 2020

Story Behind The Label: Valentin Morel Vin de France ‘Hommage à la Canaille’

The story behind the Valentin Morel Vin de France ‘Hommage à la Canaille’ label

By Ryan Lim on Sep 23, 2020

Champagne Harvest Report – Ruppert Leroy Côtes des Bar

Harvest Report of Ruppert Leroy Côtes des Bar

By Ryan Lim on Sep 09, 2020

Beaujolais / Fleurie 2020 Harvest Report

Like most things this year, 2020 was a very strange vintage for Beaujolais, specifically Fleurie. The overall morale is high due to a bountiful harvest (25-35 H/L), however, the continuous heat was nearly det...

By Vicki Denig on Aug 26, 2020

How Winemakers Prepare For Harvest

Harvest is one of the most exciting times of the year. After months of prepping, pruning, and preparing, these few weeks finally bring the fruit (literally) of hardworking vignerons’ labor to life. However, l...

By Joshua Adler on Aug 17, 2020

Story Behind The Label: Château Yvonne Le Gory

Matthieu Vallée took over the vineyards of Château Yvonne in 2007 and has kept the same traditional labels created by the previous owners. He’s said many times that he enjoys seeing the continuity of a label ...

By Joshua Adler on Jul 22, 2020

Story Behind The Label: Pierre Cotton ‘100% Cotton’ Côte de Brouilly

I’ve been captivated by Pierre Cotton’s labels ever since his first vintage. The unmistakable hand behind the art comes from Romain Renoux, a graphic artist and designer based in Fleurie.

By Vicki Denig on Jul 09, 2020

Alternatives to Chemicals in Champenoise Viticulture

It’s been said that Champagne is one of the hardest regions to farm responsibly, though Stéphane Regnault and Manu Leroy have other ideas. In addition to farming organically and biodynamically, these two pass...

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