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Champagne Stephane Regnault portrait

Champagne Stéphane Regnault

Stéphane Regnault

Stéphane Regnault - Lydien

Stéphane Regnault released his first single-vineyard cuvée from his family’s prime terroir in Oger and Le Mesnil in 2018. These bottles are the result of over a decade of reflection, experience, and trials. I...

Chatagnier Portrait

Aurélien Chatagnier

Aurélien Chatagnier

Aurelien Chatagnier - Sybarite Saint Joseph

Aurélien Chatagnier created his own domaine in 2002, when he was just in his early 20s. He doesn’t come from a winemaking family, but as a teenager, he worked in the vines for Domaine Jamet, where he became i...


Henri Bailly

Jean-Jacques Auchère

Henri Bailly - Sancerre Blanc

The Bailly family is one of the oldest names in the village of Bué, and a plenitude of Baillys have been growing grapes and making wine there for at least eight generations. Bué is particularly known for the ...


Château Yvonne

Mathieu Vallée

ChateauYvonne - SamurChampignyRouge

Located in Parnay, Château Yvonne has been surrounded by vineyards since the Middle Ages, when the monks at the Abbaye de Fontevraud brought their influence to the region. The château dates to the 16th centur...


Justin Dutraive

Justin Dutraive

Justin Dutraive Beaujolais Les Bulands

Since his first vintage in 2015, Justin Dutraive’s vision has always been to keep things small. The entire domaine is less than two hectares, and he produces no more than a few thousand bottles of each cuvée....



Cédric Garreau

Metisse Vin de France - Garovin - Front Label

Farming three and half hectares of vines around Beaulieu-sur-Layon, Cédric Garreau makes tiny amounts of exceptional Loire Valley natural wine in a renovated stone building across from his home at the edge of...

Serge Scherrer Portrait


Serge Scherrer

Serge Scherrer - Agarrus La Vigne du Facteur

It sounds a bit like a fairytale, but it’s true. After years of delivering mail in his native Alsace, Serge Scherrer transferred to the South of France and took over the mail route in the potter's village of ...


Domaine Rougeot Père et Fils

Pierre-Henri Rougeot

Rougeot - Meursault Sous la Velle - Packshot

In the center of Meursault village, Pierre-Henri Rougeot has been quietly producing impeccable, minimal intervention, low-sulfur wines since he returned to the family domaine in 2010. The 18th century stone c...


Michel Couvreur

Jean-Arnaud Frantzen

Michel Couvreur whiskies are distilled in Scotland, then slowly matured in a unique collection of ancient and special casks, ranging from century-old Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels to Vin Jaune barrels from the...


Vignerons Ardèchois

Marion Bosquet

Vignerons Ardèchois Chardonnay Les Classiques

Founded in 1967, Vignerons Ardèchois is one of the largest and best-run cooperatives in southeastern France. The vineyards are farmed by 1000 different families who tend between 5 and 25 hectares each. Vigner...


Domaine Saint Cyr

Raphael Saint Cyr

DomainSaintCyr - La Galoche Beaujolais Rouge

Raphael Saint-Cyr is the fourth generation vigneron at the Domaine Saint-Cyr, which was created by his great-grandfather, Pierre Saint-Cyr. The estate is located in Anse, found at the southern edge of the Bea...


Domaine Thillardon

Paul-Henri Thillardon

Domaine Thillardon - Chenas_Chassignol

"Paul-Henri Thillardon first settled in Chénas in 2008, and because it was one of the overlooked appellations in the Beaujolais, he was able to find great vineyards that no one else wanted. Additionally, ther...

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